Email Marketing

Email marketing offers the opportunity to access customers directly to their email address. This form of digital marketing offers rich content that can include captivating text, engaging images and even video if required. Linking back to your website throughout the email update for your customers, email marketing can offer that prompt your customer needs to make a purchase.

We provide eye catching, interactive and engaging email marketing (e-shots) that operate on a plethora of different devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops. Our email marketing approach calls on our fine attention to detail to ensure that emails display attractively regardless of the email service type - such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail.

As well as designing and creating newsletters that promote customer interactivity, engagement and sales we can send your emails to your contact lists using web based applications like MailChimp. We can also offer insightful information on who opens and reads your emails and who does not to refine your email marketing and direct it appropriately.

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